Touchscreen drivers

Most operating systems work plug and play with our touchscreen monitors. Installing a driver or performing a calibration is usually not necessary as long as the monitor is used in its native resolution and with a compatible operating system. Below you will find an overview of our supported operating systems, indicating whether a driver is required and whether the operating system supports single or multi-touch.

System: Windows
Chrome OS
Chrome OS
Mode of operation: Multitouch Multitouch Multitouch Multitouch [1] Multitouch [1]
Versions: [2] Windows 11, Windows 10,
Windows 8
Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina all Linux distributions all BrightsignOS versions all ChromeOS versions
Download: Plug & Play
(Tablet PC settings)
Download Driver PCAP driver
(3rd party)
Plug & Play Plug & Play

[1] Operating system based on Linux.
[2] Older or unlisted operating systems are not supported.

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