Outdoor monitors
and touchscreens

From 7 to 27 inches

Outdoor monitors<br/>and touchscreens
  • Dimmable screen brightness
  • Easy to integrate metal housing

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Outdoor monitors<br/>and touchscreens

Sunlight readable displays
designed for outdoor use

Beetronics high brightness displays are designed for outdoor use and environments with a lot of direct sunlight. With 1000 nits of brightness and a matte front panel, the displays deliver a perfectly readable image in every environment.

The sunlight-readable monitors have a dimmable background lighting which makes it possible to dimming the brightness manually, or automatically based on ambient light or personal preference.

Outdoor monitors<br/>and touchscreens From 7 to 27 inches

High brightness and simply designed
metal housing for seamless integration

The outdoor monitors and touchscreens are supplied with built-in accessories. They do not need ventilation and can therefore easily be integrated.

The metal housing and assembly accessories make it possible to integrate the outdoor displays with an IP65 rating. This ensures a waterproof installation suitable for environments with temperature fluctuations, high humidity or a lot of dust.

Outdoor monitors<br/>and touchscreens From 7 to 27 inches

Fast delivery and long-term availability

With the design and production of our outdoor displays, we only use components for which we can guarantee long term availability.

The long-term availability combined with maintaining a large quantity of in stock units, ensures that we can always deliver large volumes directly from our warehouse.

Outdoor monitors<br/>and touchscreens From 7 to 27 inches

More than 10,000 satisfied companies

Beetronics high brightness displays are used daily by thousands of companies and are integrated worldwide into applications from both local integrators to leading global companies.

For example, our outdoor display solutions can be found in emergency service vehicles, digital signage in shopping centers, EV charging stations and on world renound cruise vessels.

Outdoor monitors<br/>and touchscreens From 7 to 27 inches

Personal advice
of experienced specialists

Are you wondering which outdoor monitor or outdoor touchscreen is suitable for your application? Discuss the possibilities with our specialists and receive an answer to all your questions about our sunlight-readable display solutions. We are happy to share our expertise.

We can be reached every working day from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Email us at [email protected] or call us at (01) 903 6425.


Outdoor monitors<br/>and touchscreens From 7 to 27 inches
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